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    (GGP) Greatland Gold Share Chat, May 14, 2019
  1. BigP

    @Share_Talk has come across some V exciting information concerning @GreatlandGold an update from #Geneva - We will cross check our information & update in the next couple of hours #GGP Shareholders will be happy if this data is correct.

    GGP are to be included in MSCI microcap index, so it’s like a large investment fund which tracks the index, so a percentage of the fund will be invested in ggp? Good for exposure... Wonder how big the fund is and how much will be invested into GGP... This could re-rate the stock on its own ore drill results
    Today 19:14
    The other thing that sticks out for me is looking at the criteria that GGP must have passed to warrant inclusion in the index.

    MSCI FaCS is a standard method (MSCI FaCS Methodology) for evaluating and reporting the Factor characteristics of equity portfolios. MSCI FaCS consists of Factor Groups (e.g. Value, Size, Momentum, Quality, Yield, and Volatility) that have been extensively documented in academic literature and validated by MSCI Research as key drivers of risk and return in equity portfolios. These Factor Groups are constructed by aggregating 16 factors (e.g. Book-to-Price, Earnings/Dividend Yields, LT Reversal, Leverage, Earnings Variability/Quality, Beta) from the latest Barra global equity factor risk model, GEMLT, designed to make fund comparisons transparent and intuitive for use. The MSCI Factor Box, which is powered by MSCI FaCS, provides a visualization designed to easily compare absolute exposures of funds/indexes and their benchmarks along 6 Factor Groups that have historically demonstrated excess market returns over the long run."

    Surely this all bodes well for the foreseeable future.
  2. (GGP) Greatland Gold Share Chat, May 7, 2019
  3. Groucho

    #GGP Preparation for drill testing of Havieron lookalike aeromagnetic anomalies
  4. (GGP) Greatland Gold Share Chat, Aug 13, 2018
  5. Groucho

    13 August 2018

    Greatland Gold plc
    ("Greatland" or "the Company")

    Greatland Gold Launches Third Exploration Programme in the Paterson Region

    Scallywag target selected for first phase of new regional exploration programme as Greatland seeks to test high priority regional gold/copper targets following excellent results from maiden exploration campaigns at Black Hills and Havieron

    Greatland Gold plc (AIM: GGP), the precious and base metals exploration and development company, is pleased to announce a new regional exploration programme within its 100% owned Paterson project in Western Australia. The new programme will initially focus on the Scallywag target and will be conducted in parallel to the two previously announced programmes at Havieron and Black Hills.

    The Scallywag target, located within the Havieron licence, consists of several magnetic anomalies over a large area of approximately 6km x 4km, each with the potential to host gold and/or copper mineralisation.

    Recent drilling by the Company at the Havieron target, returned excellent results including 121m at 2.93g/t gold and 0.23% copper from 497m with peak gold of 137.69g/t and copper to 4.11%.

    Highlights of Regional Exploration Programme

    · New exploration programme in the Paterson to test the multiple regional targets, many with a similar geophysical signature to Havieron, that were identified by a review of regional geophysical and geochemical data conducted last year by Greatland (see announcement 17 August 2017);

    · First phase of new programme, expected to commence this month, will focus on the Scallywag target and includes plans for Mobile Metal Ion ("MMI") sampling with samples to be collected on an initial 400m x 200m spacing;

    · Ground gravity was completed over the Scallywag target in late 2017 (see announcement 6 December 2017) and results showed gravity highs co-incident with the magnetic targets over approximately 2km of strike;

    · Results of MMI sampling will be reviewed in conjunction with detailed ground gravity and airborne magnetic data to determine the most prospective areas for a maiden drilling program at Scallywag.

    Gervaise Heddle, Chief Executive Officer, commented: "The Paterson region remains relatively underexplored and we believe that it is highly prospective for large mineralised systems. Our licences host multiple large magnetic anomalies, similar in scale and structure to Havieron, and, over the course of the next twelve months, we intend to pursue a systematic programme of regional exploration that will test a number of these additional regional targets.

    "Scallywag hosts coincident magnetic and gravity anomalies and is a good starting point for our exploration programme because of its relative proximity to Havieron and its potential to host the prospective basement sequence at depths of less than 100 metres."
    "Greatland Gold PLC - Greatland Launches Third Exploration Programme #GGP https://www.voxmarkets.co.uk/rns/announcement/2bb0c2ae-ca19-4f4b-a17d-1222e899758d via @voxmarkets @GreatlandGold"
  6. (GGP) Greatland Gold Share Chat, Jun 25, 2018
  7. Groucho

    25 June 2018

    Greatland Gold plc
    ("Greatland" or "the Company")

    Greatland Announces Exceptional Results from First Drill Hole at Havieron

    Selected HAD001 results:121m at 2.93g/t gold and 0.23% copperfrom 497m,

    including11.5m at 21.23g/t gold and 0.67% copperfrom 568.5m,

    including bonanza grade intervals0.5m at 137.69g/t gold and 1.8% copperfrom 573m,

    and0.5m at 100.15g/t gold and 4.1% copperfrom 575.5m

    Further to the announcements of 14 February 2018 and 18 April 2018, Greatland Gold plc (AIM:GGP), the precious and base metals exploration and development company, is delighted to announce exceptional laboratory assay results from the Company's first drill hole (HAD001) at its 100% owned Havieron licence in the Paterson region ofWestern Australia.


    · Exceptional drill assay results from Greatland's first drill hole (HAD001) at Havieron establish the presence of high grade gold (peak 137.69g/t or 4.4 ounces per tonne) within the mineralised zone and highlight the potential for Havieron to represent a very large mineralised system;

    · Laboratory assay results for first drill at Havieron (HAD001) include 121m at 2.93g/t gold (Au) and 0.23% copper (Cu) from 497m to 618m including;

    o 2m at 4.82g/t Au and 0.95% Cu from 497m;

    o 2m at 5.45g/t Au and 1.14% Cu from 508.5m;

    o 1m at 15.60g/t Au from 535m;

    o 11.5m at 21.23g/t Au and 0.67% Cu from 568.5m including;

    §2.5m at 35.20g/t Au and 0.69% Cu from 571.5m including;

    · 0.5m at 137.69g/t Au and 1.84% Cu from 573m

    §3m at 19.96g/t Au and 0.87% Cu from 574.5m including:

    · 0.5m at 100.15g/t Au and 4.11% Cu from 575.5m

    §2m at 40.63g/t Au and 0.66% Cu from 578m including

    · 0.5m at 90.52g/t Au and 0.74% Cu from 578.5m, and

    · 0.5m at 63.55g/t Au and 0.34% Cu from 579.5m;

    o 8m at 3.45g/t Au and 0.13% Cu from 598m.

    · Elevated gold and copper results persisted to end of hole suggesting the mineralisation continues at depth, which is supported by the results of forward modelling of detailed geophysical data (see announcement dated 14 February 2018);

    · First drilling campaign at Havieron comprised four vertical core holes for a total of approximately 2,400 metres, results for three remaining holes (HAD002, HAD003 and HAD004) are pending and are expected to be available within the coming weeks.

    Gervaise Heddle, Chief Executive Officer, commented: "We are delighted by these initial results from our first drilling campaign at Havieron. We believe that these results begin to demonstrate the large scale of Havieron and the potential for Havieron to host zones ofhigh grade gold and copper.

    "Momentum is building up for us as we see positive results from our stated strategy of focusing and progressing with our target projects. In addition to today's news, we had the rapid discovery of gold nuggets within the first days of our maiden exploration campaign at Black Hills and we started our drilling campaign at Ernest Giles. We look forward to providing further updates to investors."

    The Paterson project covers more than 385 square kilometres in the Paterson region ofWestern Australiaand includes the Havieron licence, the Paterson Range East licence, and the recently acquired Black Hills licence.

    Limited historical drilling was conducted by Newcrest Mining Limited ('Newcrest') at Havieron during the 1990s where six holes were drilled, all of which intersected significant alteration and gold plus copper anomalism.Thick lower grade zones of gold and copper were intersected by Newcrest and gold grades within these peaked at 15.4g/t and copper to 2.5%.

    In April and May of 2018, Greatland carried out its maiden drill campaign at the Havieron target, completing four vertical core holes for a total of approximately 2,400m of drilling. Greatland's drill locations were designed to intersect the mineralised system at Havieron near to historical drill holes HAC9101 and HAC9201 (Newcrest's historic drill holes HAC9101 and HAC9201 were drilled to depths of 533m and 528m respectively).

    Please see Table 1 below for a list of all intervals greater than 1g/t gold.

    View attachment 7036

    View attachment 7037
    A regional map showing the Havieron licence area with regional targets and adjacent landholdings can be found at: http://greatlandgold.com/paterson/

    "Greatland Gold PLC - Results from First Drill Hole at Havieron #GGP https://www.voxmarkets.co.uk/rns/announcement/ff27c594-61cf-4561-b6ae-1021353ae4a8 via @voxmarkets @GreatlandGold"
  8. (GGP) Greatland Gold Share Chat, Dec 18, 2017
  9. BigP

    Very, very interesting:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Calidus Resources Ltd Warrawoona Gold Project. CAI suspended pending massive resource find.
    Close to Greatland Gold #GGP Panorama project. #Gold
    Exciting times ahead.
  10. (GGP) Greatland Gold Share Chat, Oct 1, 2017
  11. tricombe

    Not negativity, far from it. Just check #ggp Latest on twitter. There's usually very few but this weekend obviously it's different.

    New money coming in is good, but I'm just being cautious when things get noisy.
  12. (GGP) Greatland Gold Share Chat, Aug 7, 2017
  13. BigP

    "The following factors are why I believe the short/medium and long term share price is asymmetrically skewed to the upside.

    Exciting times ahead.So we have one project with Newmont (2nd largest gold producer in the world) at our Ernest Giles gold deposit potentially 5m-10m oz
    then our other project Havieron which is exciting to know that Newcrest's Telfer gold mine where over 27m oz gold produced which is only 25 miles east & same mineralisation ? Plus Rio/Antipa as our neighbours

    Also Interesting Antipa who have the $60m farm-in with Rio is only 35km on strike away from Havieron. High grade Au/Cu + scale
    4/8/17 Antipa announced strong gold results

    unbelievable news from Novo resources Numerous gold nuggets were visible while our crew extracted this first bulk sample from the very unusual gold deposit
    This is a very exciting new discovery,
    Purdy's Reward is part of Novo’s new Karratha gold project located in the West Pilbara,
    This timing is looking unbelievable! for GGP waiting for Cobalt licenses to be confirmed
    at Pilbara
    Note Gervaise latest tweet 'Pilbara - famous for massive iron ore deposits, may now be focus of a gold rush (Novo/Artemis)- Panorama project, greenstone in Pilbara' #GGP
    It's a fantastic share to hold knowing that Newmont could at some point announce a JV or buy Ernest Giles

    Plus mass potential at Havieron potential for JV with Rio
    As a exploration co. You cannot really ask for more.Demand for Australian gold is at a 10 year high.

    what's happening around us is set to be spectacular, latest major gold news from novo-Artemis in Pilbara is perfect timing for us."Huge spotlight about to be shone on the region with GGP perfectly placed to capitalise.

    More strong gold news from Artemis/Novo
    'recovery of a significant number of gold nuggets continues from its newly identified conglomerate Witwatersrand style gold project in the Karratha area at Purdy’s Reward, West Pilbara'
    The beast has been unleashed -if another Wits the whole Pilbara will explode!! perfect timing for Greatlandgold waiting for confirmation on licenses in Pilbara
    Those interested in the potential of Witwatersrand type gold conglomerate gold at Artemis Resources' Purdy's Reward.
    Here's the YouTube link