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    (ARS) Asiamet Resources Share Chat, Sep 2, 2019
  1. Groucho

    Anglo Pacific Group PLC (“Anglo Pacific”, the “Company”) (LSE: APF, TSX: APY) is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with a subsidiary of Mantos Copper (“Mantos”), to acquire a 1.525% Net Smelter Return royalty (“NSR”) over all copper produced at the Mantos Blancos copper mine (the “Mantos Blancos Mine”) in exchange for an upfront cash consideration of US$50.25 million.
    Anglo Pacific Group PLC Acquisition of a producing copper royalty @AngloPacificPLC https://www.voxmarkets.co.uk/rns/announcement/f9934bbe-76f5-4a47-8175-7078e1c9aa73

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  5. Groucho

    On The Vox Markets Podcast Today: 15th February 2019

    Andrew Prelea, Chief Executive Officer of Vast Resources #VAST discusses their operational and financial progress across their many assets.

    Russ Mould, Investment Director at stockbroker AJ Bell talks about what to think about when looking for income, specifically dividends and the following companies: Zotefoams #ZTF GB Group #GBG

    (Interview starts at 11 minutes 38 seconds)

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  10. Groucho

    LSE krazyasif786

    Are we worth a £30 MILLION market cap?

    Is VAST worth £30 Million? The short answer here is no.

    Now the long answer. Why VAST is worth MUCH MORE than £30 MILLION...

    1. We have TWO ACTIVE MINES
    - Manaila (Copper, Gold and Silver)
    - Pickstone Peerles (Gold)
    - Revenue to US$30.7 million (2017: US$23.8 million).
    - Profit from operations of US$2.017 million

    Last year we made an OPERATING PROFIT.

    2. We are continually REFINING processes at Manaila and Pickstone Peerless.
    - Manaila is to get some NEW VEHICLES and MACHINERY which have already been ordered and are estimated to arrive early next year.
    - No one would invest in vehicles and machinery, albeit brand new ones if there was no ROI.
    - Pickstone Peerless is getitng close to SULPHIDE PRODUCTION. Even without it we are making a very nice revenue stream
    - The funds built up in Zimbabwe are to be REINVESTED in Zimbabwe - Self Funding.

    3. The First time in 19 YEARS has a mining company been granted a license to mine in Romania.
    - We have FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE is Romania
    - Romania is FULL of Copper, Gold and other precious metals.
    - Big scale of production, good transport routes and a pro-mining government
    - We are ATLEAST 3 years AHEAD of ANY OTHER COMPANY in Romania (too much red tape)
    - Romania is very secretive and sensitive to its natural assets - it will not just give it to anyone. You have to prove yoru worth; such as have ample resources (vast has Mercuria Offtake), have expert knoweldge of mining etc

    4. Baita Plai Mining License GAINED October 2018
    - The area is lush with minerals
    - Previously it was mentioned by Roy a STEADY RATE of PRODUCTION rate of 120,000 tpa may be ACHIEVABLE within MONTHS of going live.
    - 1,800,000 tonnes of polymetallic ore (gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, tungsten and molybdenum) at 6% copper (‘Cu’) equivalent or 10g/t gold (‘Au’) equivalent
    - Do the Maths - NET WORTH OVER $100 MILLION for Baita Plai
    * NOTE To remeber is the ABOVE ESTIMATION is OLD. When a JORC is done - We May be very much suprised with what we have at BP
    - Baita Plai is a VERY GOOD INVESTMENT - even for the 4.5 year wait. WE have ALREADY done a LOT of WORK on the Mine.
    - All lifts and cables have been upgraded, wagons have been refurbished, underground pumps have been replaced and underground fronts prepared. We have also rebuilt the crusher, insulated the flotation plant and prepared the flotation lines. This has all been done even when we did not have the license. We were THAT CONFIDENT.
    - PRIOR to mining RECOMMENCING, we will need to reline the flotation cells, reline the mill and install a new conveyor to transport material from the crusher to the mill. We also intend to install a new locomotive both above and below ground and will need to purchase additional mining equipment including pick hammers and new underground loaders. (Source: Vast Shareholder Q&A September, Vast Website)

    Now PAUSE AND THINK. Baita Plai is so valuable as it has ALL

    Today 11:03

    5. Now PAUSE AND THINK. Baita Plai is so valuable as it has ALL FACILITIES in PLACE - WE HAVE SAVED $MILLIONS
    We DO NOT need to build a big fancy plant. It IS ALREADY THERE.
    We already have a BIG LONG RAILWAY Network in PLACE.
    All this has SAVED THE COMPANY $MILLIONS in investment.
    Also typically most miners would have to go get funding and it would usually take 3-5 years to build a plant. WE DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS. Its ALREADY BUILT.
    Baita Plai, if previous interactions with the directors is to go by, should be up and running within 6 months. ACTUALLY PRODUCING. I say April 2019 it is Running.

    If you DO NOT BELIEVE ME when I say we Have the machinery in PLACE .. LOOK HERE: http://www.vastresourcesplc.com/gallery/baita-bihor-polymetallic-mine/

    Piciorul Zimbrului & Magura Neagra Licences (Zagra Area): Not a lot has been talked about here for a while. But let’s not forget it is there.
    These are located in the vicinity of the Company's 100% owned Manaila Polymetallic Mine ('Manaila') in Romania.
    SIMPLY PUT 3000MT of Ore.
    3,000Mt of ore to a depth of 600m, at grades ranging from 0.4% copper ("Cu") and 0.3g/t gold ("Au") up to 0.8% Cu and 0.5g/t Au.
    DO THE MATHS: Over $3bn of Assets based on above. Even if we get use 10% of what we think is in the ground thats $300MILLION.

    Then we have Marange Diamonds $1.2 BILLION Worth of Diamond Claims.

    Then We Have BlueBerry Project. Simply put: Look at this rock samples they are BIG JUICY Gold Amounts.

    We have other projects such as Eureka and GOLD MINES too… Sorry time was of essence but as you can see …

    A 30MILLION MCAP based on the ABOVE - iIMO is non-justifiable.


    ALL Above is IMO

    DYOR :)

    Hi Krazy!
    You've just got to say more about Eureka! - open pit gold mine in Zimbabwe (with decent ore grades) about 25% owned by Vast. Capable of producing 70,000 ounces per year. Now being brought back into production by mid 2019. Could yield up to $11m free cash flow p.a. for Vast.
    As for Marange, well, let's see what happens over the next two weeks or so. But the potential upside is staggering.

    Exactly. Tiger.

    Currently the Dilemma we face as a company is that there is too much free float of shares. Thus making it a heaven for traders.

    This is all about to change as AP has stated previously that he is looking at getting some large investors involved. He will not give them a bucket load of shares for free. He wants them to pay a premium for them. For them to agree not to just go out right and sell, but to hold.

    Yes, it is a free market and the Market speaks. But TBF PIs are a small tadpoles in a larger pond. We can buy 1k here and 1k there and get about 200k worth of shares but when we consider over 5bn shares in issue then even 40 people buying 1k here and 1k there is not gonna make this shift.

    We need BIG volume days. not talking 100 million but 500m, 800m, 1Billion days ... now if we get them ... then the shareprice will move ...

    its all Supply vs Demand ... ATM MM's are in favour with this one.

    If AP can get a few Institutions or people with big pockets to invest long term then the supply vs demand spectrum changes stance to LTHs