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    (VAST) Vast Share Chat, Aug 11, 2020 at 3:50 PM
  1. Groucho

    LSE krazyasif786

    Notes from Todays #VAST Podcast with VoxMarket

    * Atlas May not always choose to convert.
    * Cashed up and enough cash to get us through.
    * Start of first concentrate shortly.
    * 7,000tonnes a month ramp up to 14,000 (after 3-4 months)
    * Even at 7,000 tonnes a month we are making money - this allows us to support the company. Anything over is a plus.
    * Commenced underground at BP and working towards producing concentrate - Only just started Underground and not started at Floatation plant
    * AP aware of flat reaction. Doesnt think overnight re-rate but happy with the current trajectory of the business
    * Impact and Value of Drilling Results - Average grades of Copper in Mines is below 0.5% * Copper so by grade BP is a world class asset, Not just Copper but Also Gold and Silver Assets
    * About 500k to add to the 1.8MT Resource - JORC To Ccome
    * Impact of Gold and Silver in Drilling Results: Historically Correlation between Gold and Silver. AP Believe Silver $40-$50 a gramm possible. Every gram of Gold out of ground and into concentrate is additional $1m in cashflow
    * When will final test results come - They are coming Shortly - Confident Will be made available Next Week But in August. Looking forward to sharing this via RNS
    * Manaila, Blueberry and other Projects - Current Focus for 2020 is to focus on Baita Plai and Diamonds
    * Finalising Extension onf Manaila Extension but in future. First is to get susatainable production at Baita Plai
    * Update on Community Concession: No specific timelines. Still confident signing with ZCDC and reassured project is continuing. Aware Anjin recent updates but we are talking about Alluvial Diamonds. Community Project is different process.

    3 Reason why to add Vast
    * Highly Undervalued
    * About to Start Floatation Production in Baita Plai - Very High Quality of Copper, Gold, Silver, Molydenum Concentrates which we have clients for
    * Diamonds coming and look forward to delivering to Shareholders
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