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(KDNC) Cadence Minerals Share Chat

Discussion in 'General Share Chat (KDNC.L)' started by Inspiration, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Groucho

    Groucho Member

  2. Groucho

    Groucho Member

    28 January 2019



    European Metals Holdings Limited ("European Metals" or "the Company") is pleased toannounce initial results from its current eight core-hole resource drilling programme at the Cinovec Project as detailed. The current programme of work was announced by the Company 5 November 2018 (Resource Drilling Commenced - Geotechnical Studies Continue). Drilling of five of the eight holes has been completed. Drilling activities have been suspended and will resume after the end of the snow season. Analytical results for four of the drill holes from the Cinovec South deposit are reported.

    Key points:
    · Resource drill holes CIS-10, CIS-11, CIS-12 and CIS-13 have been completed including analytical reports.

    · Resource drill hole CIS-14 has been drilled with analytical results pending.

    o Hole CIS-11 returned 129.3m averaging 0.51% Li2O, incl. 2m @ 0.93% Li2O, 2m @0.93% Li2O; 5m @ 0.56% Sn and 0.11% W, 5m @ 0.21% Sn, and 7m @ 0.11% Sn.

    o Hole CIS-13 returned 108m averaging 0.45% Li2O and 0.11% Sn, incl. 4m @ 0.99% Li2O; 6m @ 0.29% Sn, 5m @ 0.34% Sn, 3m @ 0.77% Sn and 0.12% W, and 2m @ 1.03% Sn, incl. 1m @ 1.92% Sn.

    o Hole CIS-10 returned 89m averaging 0.47% Li2O, incl. 6m @ 1.02% Li2O and 6m @ 0.91% Li2O; 5m @ 0.26% Sn, 5m @ 0.14% Sn, and 7m @ 0.077% W.

    o Hole CIS-12 returned 93m averaging 0.48% Li2O, incl. 2m @ 1.32% Li2O, 2.4m @ 1.17% Li2O and 3m @ 1.08% Li2O; 8m @ 0.83% Li2O and 0.18% Sn, 4m @ 0.13% Sn, and 5m @ 0.16% W.

    European Metals Managing Director Keith Coughlan commented "We are very pleased to present these results. The current drill programme has been planned to define blocks of resource for the first 2 years of mining within the Cinovec-South area, with a goal to convert the resource from indicated to measured category to allow the delineation of initial proven reserves for the deposit. The results confirm our confidence in the robustness of the ore body and we are particularly encouraged by the higher than expected tin grades in hole CIS-13.

    These holes form part of the feasibility study that is now underway. The study includes the production of lithium hydroxide from bench scale work that is in process and due for completion next month. At that point the Company expects to be able to release the updated PFS results."

    Mineralized Intercepts and Lithology

    Holes CIS-10, 11, 12 and 13 were allcollared in rhyolite. Rhyolite / granite contact was achieved at a depth of 211.7m in CIS-10, 182.7m in CIS-11, 190.9m in CIS-12 and 192.6m in CIS-13. Below the contact variably altered Li-granite was intersected, whilst the dominant alteration style is medium to intensive greisenisation with several greisen zones observed.

    Mineralization starts immediately below the rhyolite/granite contact with several minor Li and Sn intervals. The major mineralised intercepts are 89m @ 0.47% Li2O (CIS-10), 129.3m @ 0.51% Li2O (CIS-11), 93m @ 0.48% Li2O (CIS-12) and 108m @ 0.45% Li2O (CIS-13). The intervals were calculated at a 0.2% Li2O cut-off, with a maximum internal waste of 4m.

    The upper portion of the altered granite is also characterized by elevated Sn values. If no Sn cut-off is considered, the Sn interval is 72.3m @ 0.082% Sn in CIS-10, 95m @ 0.090% Sn in CIS-11, 89.7m @ 0.069% Sn in CIS-12 and 84m @ 0.136% Sn. Below these intervals the Sn grades decrease. Nevertheless, another 7m thick interval with higher W and elevated Sn grades was intersected in a deeper part of hole CIS-10 (see more details in 2 and 3).

    Total drilled depth of hole CIS-10 was 340m, hole CIS-11 was ended at 329.3m, hole CIS-12 at 325m and hole CIS-13 at 315m. All holes have been terminated in Li ore and not in the underlaying low-mica granite which is considered to be the footwall of the Li-granite.

    The drill hole results are very similar to predictions from the current geological model demonstrating the quality and robustness of the company's geological and resource model. Lithological intervals, incl. rhyolite / granite contact and zones of alteration, were intersected where predicted with a high level of accuracy. Also, the Li, Sn and W grades measured correspond to the block model.

    Table1: Completed and planned drill hole data

    "European Metals Hldg - Drill Programme Update #EMH https://www.voxmarkets.co.uk/rns/announcement/a665615a-4a2a-4626-a5c2-5cc7222caedf via @voxmarkets @CzechLithium"
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  3. Keith Mullins

    Keith Mullins Mullins58

  4. Groucho

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    07 February 2019

    Cadence Minerals Plc

    ("Cadence Minerals", "Cadence" or "the Company")

    Auroch Minerals (ASX: AOU) Reports High Grade Copper Results From Arden Base-Metals Project.

    Cadence Minerals (AIM/NEX: KDNC; OTC: KDNCY) is pleased to note the update published today by Auroch Minerals (ASX:AOU) 'Auroch' regarding reconnaissance sampling at its Arden Base-Metal Project 'Arden Project' located in South Australia's under-explored Adelaide Geosyncline. Auroch reports that thirteen of the thirty-six rock-chip samples taken from gossanous material near the historic artisanal Mount Arden Copper Mine returned results over 2% copper, including several high-grade results of 20.40%, 15.25%, 8.55% and 5.52% copper.


    · Reconnaissance rock-chip samples collected near the historic artisanal Mt Arden Copper Mine returned several spectacular high-grade results, including:

    o 20.40%, 15.25%, 8.55% and 5.52% copper (Cu).

    · The sample results define an area of anomalous to high-grade copper at least 1km-long.

    · Results confirm the presence of high-grade base-metals mineralisation at the Mt Arden Prospect, a priority exploration area close to the recently-drilled Ragless Range Prospect which returned high-grade results from drill-hole RRDD007:

    o 12.80m @ 4.96% zinc (Zn) from 53.00m, including 3.65m @ 15.47% Zn from 62.15m.

    · The encouraging results will be followed up with geological mapping and more systematic sampling in the coming months, working towards the next phase of drilling proposed for Q2.

    · The Company continues to collate and interpret all existing data for its Torrens East Copper Project.

    Located some 335km north of Adelaide, the Arden Project boasts a large relatively unexplored exploration area of 1,664km2 and is highly prospective for sedimentary-exhalative (SEDEX) mineralisation. Within the Arden Project, up to three horizons of SEDEX zinc mineralisation were identified from the recent drilling programme at the Ragless Range Prospect extending over 3km of strike and open in every direction.

    The sampling programme is focussed on gossanous areas in close proximity to interpreted major geological structures which coincided with the same stratigraphic horizons observed to host the zinc mineralisation at the nearby Ragless Range Prospect. This strategy followed up on the results from drill-hole RRDD007 completed by Auroch last year, which was drilled under an ironstone gossan coincident with where an interpreted fault structure intersected the stratigraphy hosting the SEDEX zinc mineralisation, resulting in significant high-grade zinc intercepts.

    The sample results announced by Auroch today define an area of anomalous to high-grade copper at least 1km-long by 300m wide. Numerous ironstones and gossans outcrop within the mineralised area. The orientation of the ironstones is conformable to bedding and suggests they are stratabound. The host rocks consist of ferruginised carbonates similar to those observed at the Ragless Range Prospect.

    Cadence currently owns 6.6% of the equity in Auroch Minerals, which is an exploration company targeting principally zinc, cobalt and lithium.

    The full release can be found at: https://www.investi.com.au/api/announcements/aou/e7212489-71b.pdf

    Cadence Minerals CEO Kiran Morzaria commented: "Following the high-grade zinc results announced at the recently-drilled Ragless Range Prospect, the Auroch investment case continues to build with a set of high-grade copper results announced from the Arden Project. As Auroch CEO Aidan Platel says, to get such high-grade copper results from first-pass surface-sampling over a 1km-long area is 'extremely encouraging'. We look forward to further developments."
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