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(LSE) London Stock Exchange Group General Share Chat

Discussion in 'General Share Chat' started by Microem1, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Microem1

    Microem1 Administrator

    (LSE) London Stock Exchange Group General Share Chat
  2. Mongoose82

    Mongoose82 A Legendary Member

    Read AlphaValue's note on LONDON STOCK EXCHANGE GROUP (LSE), out this morning, by visiting https://www.research-tree.com/company/GB00B0SWJX34

    "ICE announced during its Q1 16 earnings release that it won’t be proceding with a bid on the LSEG as we had been expecting for weeks with a high probability. ICE justified the move as “following due diligence on the information made available, ICE determined that there was insufficient engagement to confirm the potential market and shareholder benefits of a strategic combination”. This is at first glance a courteous way to define LSEG’s management behaviour not to cooperate. As confirmed by ICE’s CEO, Jeffrey Sprecher, ICE’s board had tried and failed to arrange meetings with the LSEG. Following the announcement, the..."

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