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Investing doesn’t have to be lonely.  BlueShare connects thousands of private investors who are keen to discuss, share, analyse and learn from each other.

“Brought to you by private investors, for private investors.”

Join thousands of other private investors in a feature-rich investment forum for intelligent debate and analysis.


Testimonials / What Our Members Say

  • BlueShare is the best forum beyond all doubt. The knowledge/research of the members and the friendly caring transcends all others.
    Bhow, Private Investor
  • Blueshare - the best share forum by a country mile. Adult discussions without ramping. Trolls quickly ejected. Great investigative activity!
    LSEReacher, Investor
  • BlueShare is revolutionary, ethical and leaves the others way behind.
    Claire, Private Investor
  • I haven't seen any forums that come near the integrity and helpfulness of BlueShare. A haven for investors wishing to share intel.
    Chris, Investor
  • It's superb guys, many thanks for the work you put in. It's making investors money!
    Richard, Private Investor
  • W RESOURCES - I'd never heard of it before BlueShare, amazing result and knowledge here. I appear to be up 122%! If only I had more than a grand as an initial investment!
  • That short interest instant display is fast! Now prefer it to Castellain. Will be useful to investors in UK stocks.
    Weshaynes, Private Investor
  • Great site, everything for the investor here!
    Lawrence, Private Investor
  • Wish there was a button for LOVE this site... Not just ''like''! Great to engage with like minded people in a well moderated and constructed site. Ideal for large and small time investors... Everyone's input is welcomed. Great stuff!
    Stephanie, Private Investor
  • Excellent forum for serious investors who share both knowledge and respect with each other.
    Elaine, Private Investor

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