About Us

BlueShare was launched in May 2015 by a group of private investors who had grown weary of the existing public investment forums, which we felt no longer catered for the needs of shareholders. In 2014, following unprecedented shorting campaigns led by international hedge funds against a number of promising British companies listed on London’s Alternative Investments Market, hundreds of private investors formed an action group (“QPPSAG”) to come together to share insight, knowledge and research to help each other make better informed decisions. A fundamental difference will always exist between the objectives of long-term shareholders and short-term traders. We believe it is our collective knowledge and experience that are our biggest strengths.

BlueShare provides a platform for private investors to discuss investment opportunities in any FTSE-listed company and beyond. BlueShare’s software has market leading leading functionality, security and user friendliness. It serves as a platform to provide users with a collaborative community experience. The forum software on BlueShare has a sophisticated interface with smart phones, private messaging function and many advanced features, all of which encourage a high standard of contribution from its members.

BlueShare is a self-policing environment where private investors can share their knowledge and experience with each other to help make better investment decisions.