BlueShare connects thousands of private investors.

  • Free to Join – All features are free to all members
  • Anti Troll – Our systems monitor for trolls, duplicate accounts,spam and removes them
  • Search – full search facility or threads and posts
  • User Avatars – upload your own avatar
  • Country flag – A country flag is displayed on the users avatar to show Country they are posting from
  • Change username – You can change your user name whenever you choose
  • User online icon – You are able to tell when other users are online
  • Follow users – You are able to follow your favourite users
  • Invite – We have a new user invite system to enable you to invite friends and colleagues
  • Notepad – an online place to jot down notes
  • Watch Thread – interested in updates from only certain shares you can get notified by watching thread
  • Tag users – Tag many users at once with @user_group syntax, tagged users will receive alerts and emails
  • Private messages – a private messaging function
  • Group messages – a private messaging function to multiple people
  • Bookmark posts – bookmark your favourite posts so they don’t get lost
  • Images & Video – You are able to post images and videos on the forum
  • Like & Dislike posts – express your satisfaction/dissatisfaction with other’s posts
  • User reputation system – maintains a high quality standard of discussion
  • Fantasy Stock Trader – trade a fantasy portfolio for free
  • ShortTracker – Short sellers reports and lookup system – up-to-date short selling information
  • Shareholder action groups – We provide private members area’s for shareholder action groups


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